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“What you know is as big as the size of sand in your palm, what you do not know is as big as the size of the universe”

Workshops for college students/Graduates/Working professionals/Hobbyist 

3D Printing is a vast topic to learn as it growing day by day it cannot be learned in a day but if you are really interested and get into it then this workshop will help you in understanding the basics which will give you a good start into 3D printing.

3d printing workshop_edited.jpg

3D Printing Basics

What you learn from this workshop?

- What is 3d printing?

- Why and when do we need 3d printing?

- Types of 3d Printing

- General workflow in 3d printing

- Software's involved in 3d printing

- Material selection

- 3d Modeling

- Slicing and printing the model(FDM)

- Post-processing

3D Printing Advanced

In addition to the topics in basics, you will learn the following 

- G-codes and M-Codes for 3D printing

- Design For Additive Manufacturing(DFAM)

- Exporting Model for 3D printing

- Mesh repairing

- convert mesh to solid in Fusin360, Catia, SolidWorks, NX CAD.

- Slicing and printing (DLP/LCD)

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